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Welcome to Lawrence Pellerin & Associates, LLC

Our home inspections are honest, dependable, educational, loyal, professional, sincere, and unbiased.



Our home inspection company is considered to be one of the premier home inspection companies in the State of Louisiana. Our job is toprovide each client with a professional home inspection with a full on side computer generated report, followed by an email report with pictures, with cost of repairs for deficiencies found on this home, based solely on our professional opinion on the deficiencies of the home, at the time of the home inspection.  We attempt to be unbiased and fair to the home itself, the buyer, the seller, and all interested parties involved affiliated with the particular home. A typical home inspection will cost a couple hundred dollars and can last from two to four hours depending on the type of home, size of home, and deficiencies found, and we pride ourselves on educating a potential home buyer on the deficiencies of the home, maintenance tips, storm tips, etc., and answering all relevant questions concerning the home inspection.


With our company you are not a computer generated number, you are a client , associate and friend.

You can feel free to call us at any point in time before, during, or after the home inspection, to allow us to help you in any aspect of the home inspection, including research, finding relative information, links, and websites that may be useful to you for this home inspection. These are some of the benefits that all of our clients can enjoy by using doing business with  LAWRENCE PELLERIN & ASSOCIATES.


Lawrence Pellerin & Associates
225 St. Benjamin Street
Lafayette, Louisiana 70506
(337) 962-8707